Somewhere else  

Wood, nails, LED light, wire, clothing, acrylic, oil, glue, polymer clay, lacquer and canvas.

Dimensions variable.

As exhibited at Adelaide Central Gallery, December 2017.

Install photos by James Field, courtesy of Adelaide Central School of art 2017




'Somewhere else' Install shot

'Somewhere else' Install shot.

'Not on the way to Hraunfossar' (install) Oil on panel, acrylic on pine shelf, acrylic and lacquer on polymer.

'Hobart' (install) Oil on panel and polymer. - SOLD -

'Why do humans make everything square' & 'They had soda by the river' (install) both oil on polymer - SOLD -

'She was sure they would land safely again' (install) - acrylic and lacquer on found object

'She always missed her..." (install), acrylic & oil on panel and polymer.

'Every decision to get myself here' (install) Oil on panel, pine shelf, acrylic on lacquer polymer clay.

'All she wanted was dry socks' (install) Oil on panel, wire, acrylic and lacquer on polymer.