Jasmine Crisp is a painter born and based in Adelaide, South Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) at Adelaide Central School of Art (2017) and is a current studio artist at Praxis ARTSPACE (Bowden, SA). Jasmine is a past recipient of the 12 month Praxis and Carclew artist in residence programs as well as multiple international artist residencies across Iceland (SíM, NES) and Finland (Koli Ryynanen). Her work has been collected by Artbank (Sydney), awarded first prize in the Prospect Portrait Prize and YouthScape Art Prize, achieved multiple peoples choice awards and included as finalists in the SALA Advertiser awards, Emma Hack Art Prize and Kennedy Art Prize. Recently she has expanded her painting practice in producing multiple large scale public murals in the Adelaide CBD and surrounds including Wonderwalls and SANAA festival murals.


Jasmine's characteristic painting practice is inclusive of traditional painting, installation and mural painting. Her work is driven by an interest in relationships between people, their belongings and home environments with focus on ideas concerning how objects and places are treasured, valued, possessed, or used as forms of self identification. Although her practice predominantly features portraiture, her paintings give equal importance to the history, setting and symbolic belongings that relate to a figure and the human condition.

Her maximalist and highly detailed tableaus of human, thing and environment are drawn from her immediate personal experiences with people familiar to her, their home-place, cultural position, story and beliefs. As a result of this, her practice is highly influenced by her travels, the people she meets and their stories. This often involves influence from synonymous art historic references and literature in combination with these personal relationships to others/self in the construction of narrative paintings set in both existing and imagined spaces.

Photograph by Jon Wah