'Venus is a tourist (self portrait in Reykjavik)', oil on canvas, 103 x 125cm - SOLD - winner of 10th Prospect Portrait Prize

'Joe's grand tour (a portrait of @joe_shutter after Pompeo Batoni)' oil on canvas, 103 x 132cm - SOLD. Photo by Rosina Possingham

'She just wanted a house by the water (a portrait of Sophie as Circe)', oil on canvas, 102 x 137cm - SOLD Photo by Rosina Possingham

'Is it heaven up there? (a story of disembarkment)' oil on linen, 121 x 121cm. Photo by Rosina Possingham

'Birthday in Reykjavik (Isabella & Pauline in the SíM studio)', oil on canvas, 50 x 76cm.

'The Clew', oil on canvas, 90 x 100cm.

'A present for you', oil on canvas, 90 x 100cm - SOLD